Education is an important part for people’s life. Education imparts knowledge whereby making discoveries and implementing them for the betterment of the society becomes possible. Education, especially higher education has undergone a long development history, both in China and western countries. In terms of higher education, it has different characteristics in China and western countries. Nowadays, it is widely acknowledged that most of the western countries have more advanced higher education than China. However, we shall also notice the existing problems in education, especially higher education. Nowadays, our main channel of funding is focused on banks for which there is tight constrain of back policy by the People’s Bank of China and Banking Supervision Commission. It is hard for students to get direct loan and for universities to stock up new equipments. Therefore, more and more universities put the eyes on the mode of cooperation with both national and international funding corporation and sponsors to put large amount of money in our educational system and relief the economic pressure for educational department and universities themselves.This paper mainly aims at discussing the funding issue for higher education institutions in China and meanwhile, this paper will also try to put forward some solutions to deal with this issue.


【Key Words】higher education, funding, problems, solutions, China













First and foremost, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my supervisor, Professor Wang, both for his intellectual guidance and for his warm and constant encouragement during the process of writing this thesis. With patience and prudence, he labored through drafts of this thesis and pointed out defects in my theorizing. Therefore, I owe all the merits in this thesis, if any, to him, though I am fully aware that the thesis might still contain some mistakes, for which I bear the whole responsibility.

My cordial and sincere thanks go to all the teachers in the Department, whose interesting and informative courses have benefited me a lot during my college years. The profit that I gained from their profound knowledge, remarkable expertise and intellectual ingenuity will be of everlasting significance to my future life and career.

I am also very grateful to my classmates, who have given me a lot of help and courage during my stay in the University and throughout the process of writing this thesis.

Last but not the least, big thanks go to my family who have shared with me my worries, frustrations, and hopefully my ultimate happiness in eventually finishing this thesis.




Table of Contents

普通本科生毕业论文(设计)诚信承诺书… i

Abstract ii

摘要… iii

Acknowledgements. iv

Table of Contents. v

  1. Introduction. 1

1.1 Research Background. 1

1.2 Research Significance. 3

  1. Introduction of Higher Education Funding in Foreign Countries. 3

2.1 Funding Mechanism for Higher Education Institutions in Different Countries. 4

2.2 Comparison of Higher Education Funding in Different Countries. 7

  1. Funding Issue for Higher Education Institutions in China. 8

3.1 Current Situation for Higher Education Institutions Funding in China. 8

3.2 Problems in Higher Education Institutions in China. 9

  1. Measures and Solutions. 10

4.1 Increase Fiscal Funding. 11

4.2 Standardizing Higher Education Cost 12

4.3 Self-Generated Funding. 13

4.4 Increase Funding Channels. 14

  1. Conclusion. 15

References. 17


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